In this powerful and thought-provoking book, Sundeep Waslekar examines the history and politics of war and offers solutions for achieving world peace by ending the arms race. 

The invention of dangerous weapons, such as hypersonic missiles, killer robots and deadly pathogens, along with the rise of nationalism and intolerance, has made the human civilization more vulnerable today than it has ever been before. It might endure terrorist attacks, climate change and pandemics, but humankind cannot survive a global war involving nuclear weapons. 

Most people live in denial of such an existential risk because they feel it is not imminent. For them, this book serves as a wake-up call.

In A World without War, Waslekar moves from examining the roots of war to suggesting a global social contract for lasting peace. Drawing from his comprehensive research in politics, technology, philosophy and history, he talks about the origins of war and weaponry, the dangers inherent in the introduction of new weapons and the chilling links between nationalism and war. He argues that war is a matter of choice and that peace is essential for human beings to realize their true potential.

Book Endorsements

“Sundeep Waslekar’s ‘A World without War’ is a book that every adult on the planet must read. It not only warns us of the threat to the survival of human civilization posed by our morally repugnant use of science and technology to escalate the arms race, but it also provides a new global social contract, a new vision, and a new hope for the future of humanity.”


Jody Williams

Nobel Peace Laureate

“This is a seminal and timely book focusing on the existential danger humanity faces because of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Sundeep Waslekar refuses to give in to the grim status quo. His in-depth analysis and rigorous research provide a visionary “escape hatch” grounded in reality and informed by human ingenuity. A must read for all those who care about a better and sustainable future.”

Mohamed ElBaradei

Nobel Peace Laureate

“While the dangers of climate catastrophe are urgent, the existential threat of nuclear destruction is becoming immediate. More than describing the danger in frightening detail, the author serves us well by pointing to possible ways to rescue humanity before it is too late. This kind of challenge to status quo thinking is just what we need today.”

The Rt. Hon. Lord Alderdice, John, Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

A sweeping historical exegesis that describes contemporary dynamics of war, peace and the challenges of social cohesion and political accountability time and again. Waslekar excels in leaving no stone unturned in every corner of our globe, using his unique perspectives to inform and narrate”

Azza Karam
Secretary General of Religions for Peace

“In times like these, when everything is uncertain and shaky, when regional conflicts multiply, international law norms are challenged, principles of multilateralism appear obsolete and prospects of global governance look dim, “A World without War” is particularly important. Not only it makes us more optimistic about our common future, but it also gives specific guidance on what each of us could and should do to contribute into building this future. The book is a must-read for anyone, who is not ready to listlessly observe the current suicidal trends in world politics.”

Andrey Kortunov
Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council